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Welcome to Solar Driftwood, a web agency based in Sweden. We are experts at working with WordPress with everything from small to big projects, all around the world.
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Solar Driftwood was founded by Daniel Hånberg Alonso who together with his partners can offer everything from technical support to full-scale custom made web solutions in WordPress. We are often hired to solve problems or help with issues where the right knowledge is missing in-house. Even though we are based in Stockholm, Sweden, we have clients all over the world.

Over 43% of all websites today are made with the CMS-platform WordPress. Our expertis is to help you with WordPress, according to your needs.

Our values

We believe in equality and humanity. We therefore decline to work with businesses and organisations such as casinos, the tobacco industry, racist political parties, or weapon manufacturers.

What we can do for you

Everything from support to large scale projects with custom design and functionality

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Coding WordPress

Are you a designer and needs help with code or making a web design into a functioning website? Is a client of yours looking for support? Is functionality missing that needs to be built? If the answers is Yes to any of these questions, that's where we come in.
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With a website built with WordPress there's no need anymore for a dedicated programmer in-house to manage your website. We are often hired as specialists for case by case technical support or more long-term service agreements, all according to your needs.
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SEO & Optimization

The majority of all internet browsing today is done via smartphones. That's why websites needs to be fast, which also is something Google rewards and is important for SEO. We can perform both page speed optimization and technical SEO for your website.

Technical SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is primarily a long-term strategy and process focusing on using keywords. There is no “magic bullet” that automatically creates high ranking on search engines but what you can do is create a good foundation, and that is were we come in.

Technical SEO is the foundation whereupon all search engine optimisation stands and includes elements such as how fast your site loads, how the code is formatted and the structure of your content. By optimising your website you are telling the search engines that it’s trustworthy which gives it a boost when someone searches for one of your keywords. Do you need help with Technical SEO on your website?

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