At Solar Driftwood, we have extensive experience in operating and producing WordPress sites. Many choose to continue working closely with us to further develop, maintain, and enhance their websites.

What happens after you launch your website? It is incredibly important to us as a web agency that our customers do not feel abandoned with their new site. Therefore, we offer support and service agreements where we take care of the maintenance of your website and ensure that it stays updated, including WordPress, your theme, and the plugins used. This way, we ensure that any security vulnerabilities discovered are patched before your website is at risk of a breach.

WordPress – the world’s most used platform

Today, approximately 40% of the world’s websites use WordPress as their platform, or CMS (Content Management System) as it is called. Thanks to this, there is not only security in knowing that the platform continues to evolve and improve, but there is also a wealth of knowledge available on how to use it. The downside of using the world’s largest publishing system is that hackers are more likely to attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities if one is not careful. A web application without maintenance can also quickly break down as the internet evolves and changes.

Ongoing updates

WordPress is constantly evolving, and new versions are released all the time. With our service agreement, you don’t have to worry about missing any of them. The agreement means that we regularly update both the website and plugins to the latest version.

Customized support

Our service agreements include maintenance and ongoing updates of the hosting environment, but they do not include user support or further development of the website itself. The support service provides a comforting assurance for you as a customer. We are familiar with your website, understand its structure, and know its development potential.

The support agreement is perfect for publishing text and images, ongoing support and consultation, as well as handling smaller orders and simpler problem-solving.

If you have a recurring need for a bit more support and want a consistent and predictable monthly cost, we can set up a support agreement together where we reserve time specifically for your tasks, known as a retainer. If you have a smaller support need, we work on an ad-hoc billing basis.

WordPress integrations

Do you need to connect your website to an external system? Solar has extensive experience in integrating WordPress with third-party systems. Check with us what documentation is needed regarding APIs and how your website needs to be prepared.

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Development of custom plugins

There are plenty of excellent ready-made plugins for WordPress that cover most of your potential needs, but sometimes customized solutions are required. We can assist you with that. Solar has extensive experience in creating plugins to meet specific customer requirements.

Optimized websites

It is crucial for a website to load quickly. A significant portion of a website’s new visitors will leave immediately if they don’t see what they are looking for quickly enough, which, in turn, can lead to lower rankings in Google search results. Solar focuses heavily on performance and search engine optimization to create the best foundation for your website. Please refer to our article on technical SEO.